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Written by
on 07 October 2011


With regard to the construction industry, CSCS cards are obviously the wave of the future. CSCS cards are designed to properly categorise the skill set of every single person to set foot on a project. Before being issued one of these cards, the applicant must undergo a rigorous program of CSCS tests and, increasingly, CSCS training classes as they enter the industry and work their way up the ladder of success.

CSCS Cards – Construction Skills Certification Scheme

Before anything else, CSCS training in Health and Safety, and successful passing of the CSCS tests on these subjects, is required. Once this initial hurdle has been overcome, the applicant is eligible to apply for several base level CSCS cards, including the yellow Site Visitor card and the various forms of red Trainee cards. Workers that meet higher level NVQ/SVQ levels, or take CSCS training to raise their skills, can become eligible for the green CSCS cards after passing the intermediate CSCS tests.

Workers proceed up the ladder, with each step requiring a new series of CSCS training, new CSCS tests, and new CSCS cards. While not every construction project in the UK currently requires CSCS training for its workers, it is clear that not needing CSCS cards on the job will soon be the rare exception to an increasingly ironclad rule. CSCS tests represent assurance to the employer that the worker is up to the job, even as the CSCS tests also tend to become the worker’s guarantee of employment, as unskilled and semi-skilled labour finds themselves excluded from consideration due to their lack of CSCS training.

Obtaining CSCS cards is not difficult. Those desirous of making a career in any of the building trades are advised that now is the best time to get started on the regime of CSCS tests and CSCS training. Courses and certification are on offer practically everywhere. Getting in line for CSCS certification now means that everyone else will have to get in line behind you.

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