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Changes in Health and Safety Regulations
Posted by David Cant on December 6, 2011

The Lofstedt Review was carried out by Professor Ragnar Lofstedt after being appointed by Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister. This was an independent review of the current health and safety regulations with an aim of reducing the amount of bureaucracy involved yet still making sure that the health and safety in Britain was still maintained.

Cutting Red Tape While Maintaining Health and Safety Standards

The government will be using the findings in the report to try and reduce the regulations which have to be followed by businesses up and down the country by approximately half.  The idea is to simplify the rules and to help reduce the deaths, injuries and health problems caused by or in the work place.

One of the reasons behind the proposed restructuring by Chris Grayling is because of many low risk activities being stopped due to the current red tape.  By reducing the laws and regulations it should become a lot easier to organise events and trips and also should help employers to provide their employees with a safe environment to work in.

Reducing the Amount of Unnecessary Regulations

The Lofstedt Review showed that it is not really the regulations which are causing a problem. Instead it is the way that the regulations are applied within the workplace and how they are being interpreted which is standing in the way.  Some of the regulations required for high areas of risks are also being applied to low risks and this is not always deemed necessary.

The review also highlighted that the necessary workplace risk assessments have caused many problems for businesses.  Understanding the current laws surrounding risk assessments are causing many managers and supervisors unnecessary headaches. Health and safety consultants can help when it comes to risk assessments and in the future it is hoped that more recommendations will be put into place to protect employers who do everything possible to reduce the risks within the work place.

Self-Employed Changes in Health and Safety

Unlike now one of the other changes which have been recommended is the abolition of health and safety rules for the self-employed who pose no risks to others.  It is thought that there could by up to one million self-employed workers who would feel the relief of having the health and safety services cut from their workload.

Still in the Early Stages

Although work is now being done to try and reduce the confusion surrounding the regulations and laws as yet nothing has changed.  It is thought that it will take around three years to implement the recommendations.

As it stands it is still important to use the health and safety services to make sure that you are working within the law at all times. Once the changes come into play you may further need to discuss the changes with health and safety consultants so that you have a good grasp on what is expected, and so that you are able to implement any necessary moves and changes which may need to be made.  Call 0800 1488 677 for help with your current health and safety requirements.


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