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Written by
on 19 May 2009


The fastest way to book a CSCS Health and Safety Test & get your CSCS card today?

CSCS Card Tests

The fastest CSCS Card Test booking system available anywhere is here CSCS Card Test . We have access to over 350 test centres nationwide and on average book over 50 CSCS Tests daily. This very easy to use CSCS Card Test booking system is used by some of the finest companies in the UK and abroad, and host of Directors, Managers, Supervisors and site Workers wanting a fast track route to their CSCS Card Health and Safety Test. > Click here to book your CSCS Card Test ow >

How long do I have to wait get my CSCS Health and Safety Test?

You can simply be in front of a test screen within 3 days from making your booking and payment for your CSCS Card Test.

Where can I take the Health and Safety Test?

You can take the CSCS Card Health and Safety Test anywhere you like! There are over 300 CSCS Card test centre’s in the UK, so you are able to book your health and safety test where close to where you live or even near to where you work, it’s totally up to you.

How do I prepare to take the CSCS Card Tests?

So that you pass first time we can provide you with a CSCS card health and safety training just call FREE 0800 1488 677or visit our website and send an email CSCS Card Training and we will make sure this happens so you don’t waste your money on re-tests over and over again.

How do I take the CSCS Card Test?

The CSCS card test lasts for 45 minutes. But you can finish the test once you have answered all the questions. 45 multiple choice questions will appear on a computer screen and you just touch the answer you feel is the correct one. No computer skills are needed.

How difficult is the Health and Safety Test?

The health and safety test will cover questions related to your day-to-day job on a construction site. However, you will be expected to have knowledge on construction health and safety procedures.

How do I prepare for the CSCS card test?

Probably the best way to prepare for the CSCS Test is by purchasing a Construction Skills Health and Safety test training book or CDM Rom.This is an excellent source of information to help you get through the test. Or you can attend one of Veritas Consulting Healthy and Safety Test training days which will prepare you for the test.

What if I do not pass the CSCS test?

Don’t worry – you can take the test again and again. In case you fail consider obtaining the Construction Skills Health and Safety test training book and put in some time and effort revising prior to re-sitting your CSCS card test if you did not do so before.

How do I apply for my CSCS Card?

Pass the Construction Skills Health and Safety Test first, once you have done so, you will want to get your CSCS Card as soon as possible to do this you can contact the Construction Skills who will explain how you can get the correct card for your occupation.

>> >> Please quickly book my CSCS Card test,

About the author

David Cant is a Director at Veritas Consulting. The SME’s favourite go-to consultant for health and safety know-how. Bucket loads of experience. Fluent in practical advice. Solutionist with a brain you can pick. You can find him across social media on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

  • colin shaw says:

    how much is the cscs card test

  • safetymatters says:

    all the information on CSCS Card Tests can be found here

  • Ben. A. Oyebola says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Security Officer and hold a valid SIA licence.
    I need a CSCS card to work as Security Officer in the Construction Industry. Iwish to have Trianing so that I could take the test.
    Please forward me details of the process. Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    Ben. A. Oyebola

  • Ben. A. Oyebola says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Security Officer and hold a valid SIA licence.
    I need a CSCS card to work as Security Officer in the Construction Industry.
    I wish to have Training so that I could take the.
    Please forward with details of the process. Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    Ben. A. Oyebola

  • Bryan J. Rose says:

    I would like to get a CSCS Card. I am an ITSSAR Registered and qualified certificate holder with Fork Lift, Counter NBalance and Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler. Can you help me with a training pack please and tell me where I could take the test in the Newton Abbot/Exeter area. Also what would the costs be please

  • Bryan J. Rose says:

    Thank you for contacting me. Before I take a CSCS Test I want to know more about what I shall need to know for the test.
    I would like to attend one of your test Training days and also buy a Safety Test Training CD Rom. Can you help me with these questions please. I live in Newton Abbot in Devon. I have a learning disability and I am very dyslexic so would someone be able to read the questions to me? My Dad has helped me with this message

  • Darren Neale says:

    Hi, i have a cscs card test booked for the 16th in Truro, cornwall. but have been told by the job centre i MUST have an employer who is willing to take me on before i can get the card and they have also said i must have experiance on a building site before i can get the card, is this true.i want the card so i can work on a local site,i have no building site experiance before,Thanks Darren

    • safetymatters says:

      I believe you can take the CSCS health and safety test once you have passed you can then apply for a CSCS Card in your case an operatives card this can be endorsed by an employer or someone that you have done work for in the past i.e a colleague possibly a family member.

      Once you have your CSCS card you would be permitted onto site but probably at a basic level. if you approach a site which deals with the CSCS scheme speak to them and they will more than happy to advise you in the right direction.

      Construction starts with a pass you can book your test here CSCS Test

  • corey matthewson says:

    I already have a cscs card but it has trainee on it.I am no longer a trainee so could you tell me how i go about getting a new card

    • safetymatters says:

      Corey, you can take the CSCS test at a level that meets your qualifications – you say you are a trainee i’m assuming thats for a relative construction activity trade therefore, you can take the operatives test if you have a city and guilds or an NVQ /SNVQ then you could obtain the supervsiors/Managers CSCS card but you’ll need to make that decision. I hope that helps and you can book your CSCS test here.

  • Ian Cowling says:

    Need to know all imformation for locations for cscs cards in Gosport, Hampshire, UK. How much is the test cost.

    • safetymatters says:

      There are over 350 test centres in the UK and you can take the test within a couple of mile of your postal address postcode, you can specify if you want the test in any location you like, its entire ly upto you.

      All the information you need for a CSCS test can be found here > CSCS Card Test

      trust this helps

  • steve bray says:

    were can i buy the cd rom

  • sanjay vasani says:

    I want to apply for cscs card,so u can help me about this process.

  • ed says:

    @Ben. A. Oyebola i have same prob, what card do i need?

  • j ryan says:

    I have a cscs card site supervisor .It expired in september 2009.How do i
    get it updated.Would there be a cost.

    • safetymatters says:


      As your CSCS card has expired you would need to take the supervisors CSCS test pass that and then apply for your CSCS Supervisors card, depending on your circumstances ie what qualifications you have you may need to enroll on an NVQ.

      trust this helps

  • Costica Pintilie says:

    Hello my name is Costica Pintilie i’m 40 years old and i want to apply for a CPCS card but i don’t know where to go . Please can you send me an e-mail if you can help or not. Thank you !

  • george gibson says:

    hi i qualify for a ila learner account can i use this account to sit my health & safty test to gain my cscs card

    • safetymatters says:

      Yesy you can use your ILA account for your CSCS test and you can book your CSCS Test here today

      trust this helps and do feel free to ask any further questions.

  • Paul Simpson says:

    Hi, I took my test back in 2005 so obviously i need to take it again, i was just wondering whether my cscs card will have my qualification and trade printed on it?

  • Warren says:

    I have just finished my level 2 2330 certificate in electrotechnical technology what kind of card would i be looking at, i have my level 3 technical certificate and NVQ level 3 left to do, would this mean i have to update every time i gain a new qualification.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • sarju says:

    I have my home town certificate of carpentry and had gone abroad as a finishing carpenter even now i’m working as a carpenter taking some work order. I would like to make cscs card how do i do and after i had my cscs card does it mean I can get a job because im tensed searching jobs i have gone different agencies they just took my name and number so they can contact me but they never call me i’v been keep on waiting. If i make cscs card do it give a satisfied job for me???

  • Terry Hil says:

    I have had my cscs card stolen with my wallet when on honeymoon! Please tell me how to obtain a replacement card.


    Terry Hill

    • safetymatters says:


      you need to contact constructionskills have your NI number available and they should be able to issue you a new card – a charge will apply though.

      0344 994 4411

  • Chris Holloway says:

    Hi i have just passed my Health and Safety test, and just recieved the cscs card application form . They are asking for an employer to sign it and say i have at least 1 year site experience , trouble is i am unemployed and have been for sometime, i want the card to gain employment but now they are asking for this, i only want the green general operative card and was led to believe all i had to do to get it was pass the health and safety test. What am i supposed to do now? Oh, and other websites say u must have an nvq level 1 for the green card as well. Any help would be appreciated , thanks.

    • safetymatters says:

      Hi Chris,

      An employer would need to sign the form have you done work for someone in the past you could try asking them to sign the form for you.

      All the information you need for a CSCS card can be found here CSCS Cards

      trust that helps

  • mark phillip rushworth says:

    i have just moved into the norfolk area of great yarmouth.i need a cscs card as i am looking for work in the area i have 20 years exp in paintingdecorating but need card!!! it would be great if someone could help getting me started in work. many thanks M Rushworth.

  • Gabriel says:

    I would like to know the amount of money that is involved in the training in order to obtain the card, and also the period within which the card will be ready once the test has been taken. Thank you.

    Please reply.

  • Mr. S.P. Kirk says:

    Hi, How do I get a copy of the Construction Skills Health and Safety test training book or the CDM Rom and how much will this cost me please.

  • Bryan Charles says:

    How much does it cost for a re-test? i am unsure if the cost would be the same as a full test. please could you let me know before i book the test again.


  • jake hemming says:

    i passed my cscs test about a month ago i sent off for my card and it still hasn’t come through how long does it normally take for it to be delivered?

    • safetymatters says:

      It really depends on when you submitted your application form including payment to Constructionskills normally it takes 7-10 days to issue the CSCS Cards but i have known it take upto 28 days – more information here CSCS Cards

  • Ben Hunt says:

    Hi, i am looking to get a cpcs card so i am able to work on construction sites ,is this possible and how do i go about it ,
    Many thanks

  • dave says:

    im still waiting for my card to arrive after 4 weeks is the the normal duration..cahed my money quickly though….

  • dave says:

    im still waiting for my card to arrive after 4 weeks is the the normal duration..cashed my money quickly though….

    • safetymatters says:

      Hi Dave, im afraid we do not isssue CSCS cards they are issued by Constructionskills which you pay directly to obtain your CSCS card at a cost of £30.00 once you pass the test.

      trust this clarifyes your position.

  • Tasnim says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Security Officer and hold a valid SIA licence.
    I need a CSCS card to work as Security Officer in the Construction Industry. Iwish to have Trianing so that I could take the test.
    Please forward me details of the process. Thank you.
    Yours truly,

  • B.WHITTAKER says:

    l had my test last october l need to apply for a card l am a 62 year old carpenter

  • kevan jones says:

    I went to take my test in liverpool on time,saw the gentleman on the desk,all the forms were complete, unfortunatley my photo was not countersigned,(this is because all my belongings are in storage)everything was paid for can I re-book my test

  • Andrea says:

    Yes nice information about the apply access for Health and Safety Test

  • SAEID says:

    Hi,I have passed the level 2 of Carpentry and Joinery in South Birmingham College.But I did`nt pass the Health and Safety at Works test .so I can get my certificate once I pass that test .I need some info about how and where I can pass the test .

  • william obrien says:

    could you please tell me if i would need to take the cscs test as i have allready have the irish safe pass and how much would cost to take the test

  • Rodolfo T. Rondina says:

    hi! I am 38 years old. I would like to have a cscs card but i don’t know where am I going to take a cscs test because I am presently living in the Philippines?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Steve Bielby says:

    Hi there, I can’t find any information about the Health and Safety Test and if it has a requal/renewal component to it. I hold a Blue CPCS/CSCS card which expires April 2014. My H&S test pass was awarded exactly a year beforehand. Do I need to renew it at all and if so after what period of time does it expire?
    Thanks, Steve B

  • Kad Ali says:

    hi i have just passed my cscs test which code do i need to use because i’m a security guard thanks



  • Jayne says:

    We are planning to move to UK (I’m British) my husband is Greek – however to do the job ‘steel fixer’ in UK he must have a CSCS card – how do we do this from Greece? He has been doing the same job for 30+ years and is extremely experienced in all aspects

  • DVNF says:

    This is a excellent website, will you be interested in doing an interview regarding just how you created it? If so e-mail me!

  • Alex walker says:

    Hi does anyone no if they still do the red tickets as a provisaonal card while you wait for ya test that allows you on site. I need one for my need job and carnt book a test until the 30july